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Territory Wars: The Original and Best Biker MMORPG on the Net

Ever wonder what it is like to have your own motorcycle, be part of a group, or rule a city of your choice? All this and more is inside.

There is a small town in South Dakota, known to bikers as home, Sturgis it's out there, its calling. Do you have what it takes to survive? Are you strong enough and can you last long enough to get there? Buy a bike, get some weapons and armor and learn what it takes to be a biker. Then step up and see, but don't forget your training wheels pee wee...... .

You will need to attack others, mug them of their chrome and money and commit crimes. And if need be you are able to punish those that commit offenses against your brothers and sisters, send them to jail or the Road Rash Inn for a doctorís visit. Join a Chapter, be a Brother or Sister to fellow riders, protect each other and work with them to gain the respect you deserve or go it alone and take the Road less traveled.

In Territory Wars you make your own destiny, be the fastest, unbeatable biker there is or be average the choices are limitless. If you like to race, gamble, or keep a stable of women, (or men for you ladies) to satisfy your hunger of iron horses and the life style that comes with it

Ride all day, party all night, Bikes, Women, Whiskey, itís a hard life but itís the life of a biker.

The choice is yours, come join the ride.

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